“What makes Khorog unique is that the people who value Khorog take care of it, as well as the mountain.”- Goibnazar Gofurov, 62, an inhabitant of Khorog. 

Khorog is a unique mountainous town, situated in the southern part of Tajikistan, bordering Afghanistan. This settlement is the starting point for discovering the Pamiri mountains, world-famous for its picturesque landscapes, beautiful landmarks, pristine nature and unique culture. When the conditions are optimal, the trip to Dushanbe, the capital city of Tajikistan – once one of the most remote republics of the Soviet Union – takes around 16 hours, following the northern bank of the Panj River. In winter, this road can be off for weeks due to snow and avalanches, cutting its 30,000 inhabitants and the Pamiri Valley from the rest of the world.

Photo-series financed by UN-Habitat Urban Lab and part of the documentation of the Khorog Urban Resilience Project, a collaboration between UN-Habitat and Aga Khan Agency for Habitat and SECO.

This documentation took place in Khorog, Tajikistan, in September 2022.